I have been itching to take part in Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 challenge for a LONG time. I’m an avid listener of the show she runs on blogtalk radio, Artists Helping Artists and each January and September when the 30 in 30s take place, I’ve part kicked myself and part been relieved!

This year Leslie had to move the event to February, and it seems some how easier to manage. I say that now, ask me again mid-February, post half term!

To paint every day for 30 days, or even to cheat a little and paint 2 in one day, and none the next, as will most likely happen with my schedule, is going to be challenging. The challenge is all about setting up a regular space for your art practice, taking the time each day to commit to creating. In order to show up at the easel unhindered and ready to go, it’s important to have a theme to paint to, one that won’t give you painter’s block.

I pondered flowers, I pondered fruit and vegetables but then I discovered seed packets. Spring is round the corner, so this is a time of planning, working out what you’re going to grow, prepping the pots and even sowing a few things indoors. In developping new habits as a painter, starting out on a fresh new journey, what could be better than seeds?

Join me on my journey over the next 30 days as I paint these mini still lifes.

My first: Chilli peppers

Seed packager: Aldi

painting of a packet of chilli seeds

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