To read more about this 30 in 30 painting challenge, do read my first post here. Here’s another seed packet from my collection.

Another long day coupled with evening painting. But that’s the story of a balancing this challenge and being a mum. We’ve also all been really ill all week with bad colds so the challenge has exactly that, a challenge. Here are some lovely flowers to cheer us all up, painted nice and loose. This is going to take days to dry. The reds seem to take longer while many of the paintings have been touch dry in a couple of days. The Sweet Peas are still wet in the reds!

Day 18: Sunflower Velvet Queen

Seed packager: Mr Fothergill

Oil on primed paper

30 in 30 painting challenge, the seed packet series. Day 18: Sunflowers Velvet Queen sold and packaged by Thompson and Morgan. Oil on paper by Sheri Gee

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