To read more about this 30 in 30 painting challenge, do read my first post here. Here’s another seed packet from my collection.

Newer varieties are on the market since I bough these and I believe parsnips are one of the less hardy seeds – needing to be refreshed every year. Ho hum. Spring clean coming up..

I love a roasted parsnip! I should think about growing them again on the raised bed this year. One year I did square foot planting, and gridded the bed off with string and bamboo canes – what I lot I packed in! That was the early days when the slugs didn’t know about the raised bed. They found it the next year.

Day 8: Parsnip, avonresister

Seed packager: Unwins

Oil on primed paper

30 in 30 painting challenge, the seed packet series. Day 8: parsnips, Unwins seeds. Oil on paper by Sheri Gee

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