To read more about this 30 in 30 painting challenge, do read my first post here. Here’s another seed packet from my collection.

I’ve never had any luck growing sweet corn, and have tried repeatedly with different seeds over the years. I think working on a very small plot, I’m not creating enough plants for them to pollinate correctly. One day I’ll try again…

Day 9: Sweet Corn, Blaze F1

Seed packager: Johnsons Seeds

Oil on primed paper

30 in 30 painting challenge, the seed packet series. Day 9: sweetcorn, packaged by Johnson's Seeds. Oil on paper by Sheri Gee

And here’s a little insight into my studio practice, as I work on this series. Each painting is A4 in size, painted at my table top easel with still life in front of me, and daylight lamp clipped up on the table for steady light. Just out of shot on the right are 2 tubs and a small bag all full of seed packets!

photo of artists studio - table top easel, artwork on easel, still life set up.

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