This body of work is inspired by the cross-stitch sampler on display at East Grinstead Museum, sewn by a ten year old girl from Baldwins Hill School in 1878 and forms my exhibit in Example’s Townscape 2016: Reframing Local History.

Exploring the project, where each Example artist had to choose a museum exhibit on which to base a body of work, I became interested in the seeming loss of these traditional needlecraft skills amongst school children today, despite cross-stitch’s current renaissance, with many young designers creating avant-garde patterns, often referencing modern culture.

The figure of a girl working on a cross-stitch design, a current student of Baldwins Hill School, forms the basis of this project, in an attempt to link the past with the present. The paintings weave threads between contemporary art and traditional needlecraft, some pieces employing cross-stitch together with oil painting.

In 2017 I added to this project in a new piece, ‘She Walks in the Path of Those Before Her’. The piece was subsequently selected to be exhibited in the Society of Women Artists 157th Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London, September 2018.

Main pieces

Oil and stitch on stretched linen, 80 x 40cm.

The left piece was exhibited in the Society of Women Artists 157th Open Exhibition.

She Walks in the Paths of Those Before Her

The Ways of Our Elders. SOLD

Small Studies

Oil on primed card.

If you’re interested in any of these works, please send me an email.

‘Back Stitch’, oil on card

‘Three Quarter Stitch’, oil on card

Quarter Stitch’, Oil on card

Artist Sheri Gee working on her stitch piece.

The original cross stitch piece that inspired the work

Photo of artist Sheri Gee sewing into her painting

‘Sampler’, oil and cross stitch on canvas

She Walks in the Path of Those Before Her

My studio coordinator