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Small landscapes

Oil on 10 x 10cm linen panel

Worn Tracks, oil on linen panel

Nocturne no 5, oil on linen panel

The Lone Tree, SOLD

Ashdown Sunset. SOLD

Bluebell Wood, oil on linen panel.

Heathland, oil on linen panel.

Small landscapes

Deep edged stretched canvas, 20 x 15cm

My Soul’s Rest, arcylic and oil on canvas.

The Well Trodden Path, SOLD

Journeys Past

The Sky Over Eastcourt, acrylic and oil on canvas

Medium landscapes

Ebury Street on Market Day. Acrylic on canvas. SOLD

The Summer Pond, oil on primed paper

Be Still, SOLD

Witness of Glory, oil on primed paper

The Vast Depth, acrylic and oil on canvas. SOLD

Trails Over Ashdown, SOLD

Nocturne no. 4. Oil on. primed card, framed.