Project Description

Recent Work

You’ll see here a collection of my most recent self-led work. My current art practice stems from and develops on from my rain paintings. These latest pieces are mostly oil on gesso board rather than watercolour paper; larger compared with their postcard counterparts. In these paintings I’m exploring mark making, directional or rain-inspired brushwork and layering colours, wet over dry.

The paintings each have a subtle narrative, dealing with introspection and rumination in the quiet moments snatched in a busy life. The women I depict are often enveloped in their own space, the umbrella, a personal protective space.

If you’re interested in any of these works please get in touch.

Those things I said © Sheri Gee. Oil on gesso panel. 40x50cm. 2022

oil painting of a woman by British Artist Sheri Gee

Sometimes I Still Think of You © Sheri Gee. Oil on gesso board. 40 x 50cm. Inspired by the Nabis and Vuillard, this developed into narrative away from a reference point. 2022

Tomorrow I’ll do things Differently © Sheri Gee. Oil on canvas. Diptych. A3 (2 x A4 canvases). 2022

Study for ‘I Let them Know Where I Am’ © Sheri Gee. Oil on primed paper. Diptych. 18 x 25.5cm. 2022

I Let them Know Where I Am. Diptych © Sheri Gee. Oil on Gesso. 61 x 92 cm. 2022.

I Must Have Misunderstood. Oil on gesso board © Sheri Gee. 46 x 61cm. 2022. Shortlisted in the 2022 Holly Bush Emerging Women Painter Prize

Available for exhibition. Please get in touch if you’re interested in any of the works.