Recently I was asked by the Coffee Art Project team if I’d like to submit a piece into their annual competition/exhibition, raising funds and awareness for Project Waterfall, bringing clean water to a people group in Tanzania. Clean water is such a basic human requirement which shouldn’t be an issue in today’s world, so I was glad to help in my own small way.

All artwork submitted had to be ‘coffee’ themed – which initially had me baffled. As I walked around London, I kept looking through the windows of coffee shops, looking for an ideal scene. In the end I opted for a coffee kiosk on a busy south London station, interested in the tiny space with the barista within, and took a few surreptitious snaps! I was really interested in the light reflections on the plexi-glass booth and warm lighting within the booth itself. A cosy element on a very open draughty platform. Here’s my piece, Kiosk Barista, oil sketch on canvas.

Last night I went up to The Old Truman Brewery for the artists night. It was great to meet some of the artists and see all of the exhibits together – such varied styles, media and responses to the theme – I would  not want to be a judge. Everything from photography, sculpture, illustration, drawing, printmaking and painting was on show, all with a link to coffee in some way. The exhibition continues until 30 March at shop 12, The Old Truman Brewery. A selection will then be displayed at the London Coffee Festival from 3-6 April, with the winner announced on 5 April at 4.30 pm. Good luck to everyone and let’s hope lots of money is raised with sales of the artwork, benefitting this great cause.

Here are a few photos from the artists night:


Coffee Art project 1Coffee Art Project 2Coffee Art project 1Coffee art project 4

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