I’m donating a portrait commission to Dominic’s Fund, a local charity to raise money for 3 year old Dominic Francillia who needs to get to the US for an operation to improve his quality of life. Dominic was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy at 8 months old.  The operation would will enable him to walk with a walker, sit independently, be toilet trained and improve the functionality in his right arm.

I’m donating a commission for a single portrait to the winning bidder. The portrait would be painted in oils on canvas, from photographs either taken by me, or supplied. The size of the final portrait would be approximately 40cm x 40cm, largely dependent on the source photo. To see other portraits of mine, click here.

I adore painting portraits and really hope I can help make a difference to Dominic, if only in just this small way.

If you’re interested in bidding for the commission, click here, entering the auction id=9072010 and password=dominic.
It’s a silent auction, you can bid on-line at the link above or in person at the Wentworth Ball this Friday, 9th of July. Tickets for the ball are still available here.

Happy bidding!

Best wishes,


*newsflash*  I’m happy to report that bidding went well and the commission went for over £200!


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