If you’re on this page, you’re most probably an illustrator, looking to contact me at The Folio Society.

I’m happy to see new work but please be aware that most commissions are for adult fiction titles, where we commission in general a cover illustration and between 6-12 full page illustrations. We sometimes also commission for non-fiction cover art but fiction is our mainstay.

In order to get a feel for how you’d approach a commission, I need to see relevant illustration examples. That could involve characterisation, interaction of characters, mood, tension, atmosphere, period detailing etc. Please have a look at the Folio Society website to see what we’ve been commissioning lately. Please note that we publish very few children’s books or humorous titles.

If you think you’ve got appropriate samples, please drop me an email to my Folio email address. I can’t always respond because I’m approached by hundreds of illustrators each month. I do look at them all and save any appropriate samples to our database, which is my first port of call when commissioning. I’ll try to reach out if time allows.