Things I like, people I know…

The art group I belong to:

Our life drawing sessions:|

Catherine Leyreloup, for beautiful landscapes:

Michael Gage, fine artist, printmaker & illustrator:

Wotartist, on-line modern art gallery:

Leif Kendall, ace copywriter based in Hove:

German on-line gallery for fine art:

Gregory Packard, an amazing artist:

Jubilee Community Centre/New Life Church, East Grinstead
base for London Road Group:

Brian Kliewer, Excellent painter based in Maine:

Dominic’s Fund
I support Dominic’s Fund, a local charity to raise money for Dominic Francillia, so that he can have an operation to vastly improve his quality of life:

Oyster Framers
Excellent framers based in Lingfield, run by Martin Scarland:

Affordable personalised custom pop art portraits from your favourite photographs.
Printed onto a box canvas or photo paper:

Modern Interior Art, original contemporary artworks for corporate and office interiors and the hotel and leisure sector:

Iona MacKenzie Laycock, fabulous Textile Artist:

Michaela Gall, lovely ceramics:

Jan Duyt, beautiful glass work: