… and rain makes me happy!! I’ve had great joy painting further into this series of commuter rain paintings. Here are the latest two. The first is inspired by a reference image taken in London, around the St Paul’s area. I love, love, love the colours and patterns in this one. It was so lovely to paint, so I’ll be looking out for more brightly patterned fabrics as I make my way to London and back! There’s something about this piece that I’m really pleased with – I like the spontaneity of the marks, the level of detail – it says enough without saying everything and has a level of narrative that I enjoy.

The second is from an early morning commute from East Grinstead station – so early it’s not light yet, but what blues!

07.07 East Grinstead Station

All of this series have been painted in oils on primed artist quality postcard, and many are available for sale, so get in touch if you’d like to buy one – the full collection can be seen here. All come framed and look fabulous in the home.

18.24 Under the Shard_room copy

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