After a good rest from the 30 in 30, I’ve been taking things a wee bit easier, and have only worked on a new rain painting. Just one painting, though I haven’t rested on my laurels.

Whilst the 30 in 30 is supposed to help you create a more natural rhythm or habit for making art, it can be a bit overwhelming, depending largely on how long you chose to spend on each piece, and your normal lifestyle. I was painting for 2-3 hours a day, on top of working and looking after my family so whilst it wasn’t a very sustainable lifestyle it has shown me what I can achieve in a relatively short space of time.

Since finishing, I’ve been busy creating cards, prints and other items for my shop, mostly related to the seed packet paintings, but I’m loving these new rain notebooks! Each pack of three contains each of these three designs, with plain pages inside for notes or sketches. Do have a browse in my shop at the other things I’ve made.


On the subject of rain, post 30 in 30, I’ve been working on a new rain painting – a little larger than my usual ones, roughly A4 in size, on canvas. Most of the rain series have been painted on primed postcards – tiny!

I largely paint what I see, albeit in my style, therefore whenever I see people against bold colours or wearing colourful clothes or with vibrant umbrellas I’m always inspired to paint!

This piece is just drying right now (ironically), but I’ll be putting it up in the shop very soon. If you’re interested, do drop me a line.

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