After a little portrait break, for the latest exhibitions I thought I’d return to the equestrian art, painting again from reference photos from two friend’s horses. This first is Morpheus, a large beautiful Shire horse. I really enjoyed painting this, not over working it, allowing the greenish ground to come through and explain areas. It’s based on a photo I took during a light snow fall, so as one person has commented – that he looks sad – I think he may have been hoping I’d hurry up so he could get warm! It’s a large painting, at over a metre wide, which befits such a giant of a horse.

And then more recently, I’ve started a new painting of a friend’s shetland pony. I don’t have a huge knowledge of horses, so I’m finding it amazing how each breed differs from another – these Shetlands having such unusual faces. I almost felt I was painting cattle, with the shortened snout/nose area. I’ve used a fluorescent pink ground, which is quite unusual, but I loved it so, in some smaller pieces I’ve done that I was really keen to try it on a large scale. The colours are just a bit crazy, but I’m not afraid of crazy! It’s a very loose painting, not sure if it’s finished, but I kind of like it.


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