Happy New Year, to one and all! Hopefully you’ve kept the colds and flu bugs at bay and are enjoying the feel of warm woollen mittens and the like.

This is my first finished painting of the New Year – another from my recent visit to the Llama Park, near The Ashdown Forest, but I like to think it’s heavily influenced by Back to the Future reruns over Christmas!

The painting is around 20 x 20cm, oil on box canvas and will soon be added to my Artfinder gallery.

The painting at the end of the first session was very different from the final – much more factual to the reference in terms of backdrop:

Sheri Gee_Chicken in progress

I found I couldn’t bear the over abundant brown so tried to bring it more in line with my recent Guinea Fowl paintings, which have a grey backdrop. I think the final painting has much more drama in the heavy greys and almost night view.

Hope you like it.

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