I wanted to let you know about a new in person evening art class I’m setting up in the East Grinstead area. It’s aimed at those with a little experience with a paint brush, but keen develop their paintings in skill and concept.

UPDATE: This class is now underway. If you’d like to hear more about future classes, please get in touch. I’ve set up a form here for you to tell me what you’re looking for. Thank you!

Exploring painting techniques through works inspired by daily life

This class is designed to develop your paintings, both in concept and technique. You’ll be making work by taking reference from the life around you – which could be objects, people, places, experiences.  It’s a broad theme that you can interpret in many different ways, to use as a starting point to create a body of paintings.

I want you to think of a painting goal. What do you want to get better at or achieve?

  • You might have a goal to get better at observational painting
  • You might want to work in a looser style but your paintings end up like a photo
  • Perhaps you want to capture a place that is special to you
  • It might be that you want to get better at painting people or animals
  • Do you want to add a sense of narrative or meaning into your work
  • Perhaps you want to paint like a particular artist

Whatever the goal or skill level, we’re going to put you on a track to explore and improve your paintings through a daily life project. Through a personal project, you’ll have the time to work on that goal both in class and at home, in between weeks. We can discuss together what you’re trying to explore and look at ways to stretch you, and which artists might inspire you along the way.

In each class we’ll do a short exercise together looking at how we can take inspiration from daily life, without creating an exact copy of a photo.

We’ll look at:

  • Using photography and video as a reference
  • Painting alla prima
  • Storytelling
  • The power of suggestion
  • Colour palettes
  • Creating atmosphere

You’ll then have time to work on your own, in class, benefiting from feedback and questions which might inform your direction.

We’ll also look at examples of artists work who used their daily life as inspiration.

This is only a six-week course, so it will no doubt form the starting point of an on-going body of work rather than the completion of it. My hope is that through looking at artists who use their everyday to inspire their work, and questioning techniques and approaches, you’ll be set on a journey of creation.

Over the years, I’ve set myself a number of projects to develop my painting and observational skills. I’ve pushed myself and been amazed at what I could produce. I’ve used my commute to London and my family as a reference point in my work for many years; in other projects I’ve painted still life household scenes every day; I’ve taken walks on the forest and made work inspired by it. Through all of these projects I’ve grown as an artist and I’m confident you can do the same.

I hope you’ll join me.

The classes will be held on Thursday evenings, 7.15-9.15 fortnightly, which gives ample time in-between sessions to develop your own work from skills you’ve learnt.
Each class is £20 for the 2-hours, payable in advance for the 6 weeks. The dates are January 25th, Feb 8th, 22nd, March 7th, 21st, April 4th, held at Lingfield & Dormansland Community Centre.
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