When I paint I like to take progress shots on my phone. They’re not only a good record but they help me gain distance and clarity. I can see often more readily what’s wrong with the painting from the photo than I can from the work in front of me.  Getting distance with the photos shows me if the painting is working from a distance, if any areas are sticking out more than they ought to etc.

Now that I’m at the end of the Townscape portrait project, just the prize draw portrait left to paint in September, I wanted to make some animations of the work in progress. Now, I haven’t every single stage – that wouldn’t be conducive to fluid working, but I do have quite a few which shows how the paintings have built up and changed.

Here’s the first, of Aoife. Most of the paintings started life on this petrol blue ground. I like to start with a ground rather than white canvas, though I don’t think I’ll use the blue again – it was too cold, as you’ll notice when it’s painted out. I hope you enjoy seeing it all piece together.

Watch this space as I add more over the coming months.

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