I’m still in a quandary over what to enter into the Summer Show, thinking that these two below might better fulfill this year’s theme of  ‘Raw’: ‘The co-ordinators have agreed that the theme for 2010 will be Raw. They wish to ‘cut to the chase’ and take a look behind the exterior of the pristine; to address the properties of the materials and the working finger prints left in pursuit of curiosity. Raw can be stark, natural, unrefined, honest, bleak, tender and new. “The hope is that we get to peer into an imagination at work; candour beyond disguise”.’


They’re both very different, but both were an exploration of the paint. Both fulfill the Raw prerequisite, as far as I see. Marks are left bare. The painting on the left is tiny, about 20cm x 20cm. The horse is larger, 50 x 40cm, both are in oil. I’m fond of both, but for very different reasons, so this is a hard decision, and I decided to only enter one painting. I have the night to sleep on it. Wish me luck, or let me know which you’d pick!

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