As a part-time commuter on Southern Rail, and particularly cheesed off today with the service, I thought it would be good to count some of the blessings of commuting. Let’s make some lemonade from Southern lemons. Here are some of my commuting delights: 

1. Spectacular sunrises over the fields and farms
2. Stunning sunsets over Croydon and beyond
3. Bonding with fellow passengers during extreme commute sessions! (oh, fond memories of the train lights going out a few weeks ago, during an hour+ wait just outside East Croydon)
4. Playing voyeur from the bus, looking into cafés as we crawl by on the evening return trip.
5. Watching commuters in the rain as reference for my paintings! 
6. Lots and lots of time to read and listen to inspirational podcasts (a huge shout out here to Artists Helping Artists and Savvy Painter Podcast!)
7. Time to knit!

Let’s just say, watch this space for the café series!

Do share any other blessings. The ranting part is far too easy. x

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