I don’t know about you but I’m fascinated by people’s faces and people in general. I commute to London a few days a week on the train and now and again will be struck by someone – perhaps it’s the colours they’re wearing, their clothes, their hair, their face – and will want to paint them. Being very English, I often don’t do anything about it, avoiding asking strangers on a train, often a very a packed train, if they’d mind me taking some photos of them to paint from. And then I sadly watch them get off at their stop, missing the moment. Back in December, however, I plucked up my courage.

It was my last day in the office before Christmas and I was laden with bags. Couple this with a very inadequate service from Southern Rail and a prior cancellation, and we had one packed train with standing room only. Just in front of me sat a mother and her two children and something about the interplay between mother and daughter as they sat together really struck me. There was such a beauty in the intimate moment that I had to ask, and I’m pleased to say that she said yes! So here is my little bijoux mother and daughter moment – oil on primed artists quality postcard.

Oil painting of a mother with daughter sitting her lap on a train journey

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