Following on from Example‘s Townscape 2014: Contemporary Art Trail in East Grinstead, we have just unveiled Townscape 2016: Reframing Local History, a new exhibition at East Grinstead Museum, running until September 4th.

As an Example artist, we all had to choose an artefact to inspire a new body of work for the exhibition. For my project, I chose a cross stitch sampler, by a 10 year old girl from Baldwins Hill School in 1878. It’s an unusual project for me – I tend to be inspired by what I see, then represent it in a straight forward sense, resulting in a portrait, or a painting of a passer by etc, so to take an object and create a piece of work that isn’t just a painting of the object was a bit of a departure for me.

My project centres around a girl who is at Baldwins Hill School today, in an obvious link with the past. I painted a series of studies of her, cross stitching, wearing her school uniform. These studies lead onto a larger piece, which employs cross stitch together with traditional oil painting. A few of the pieces can be seen below but please go to my page to see the full project.

Townscape 2016: Reframing Local History continues at East Grinstead Museum until 4 September 2016.

Cross Stitch Sampler

The sampler

Townscape 2016, Stitched Up

The complete project


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