I’ve been a bit quiet for a while, painting away, not wanting to reveal too much in anticipation of the Townscape launch. Well, we’re in… Townscape art trail launched on Friday 30th May with a great evening at Chequer Mead’s Greenstede gallery, opened by the town mayor, Nick Hodges. Both Nick and East Grinstead’s Tourism and Information Officer said a few words, in support of the venture. It was also my birthday – it’s not many people have their birthday drinks opened by the mayor!!

DSCN1395 copy

As for me, this represents a long six months of painting. Some were fairly easy without too much struggle to get a likeness, some were positively stubborn and took far more hours than I’d expected. In the outset I had very grand ideas of how many I’d produce, so this project has taught me quite a lot about what I can achieve, with all the other demands on my time.

If you’re in the area, do get along to the Jubilee Community Centre to see my portraits – up now until November 30th. If you want to learn more about Example and the Townscape art trail, head on over to our site and download a flier leaflet, or pick one up from participating venues, the library and museum.

Watch this space over the next few weeks for more on my portraits, including some work in progress images.
Photo: Front, Simon Kerr. Back, from left, Hannah Buckley, Jackie Watkins (just behind Hannan), Renate Wilbraham, Malcolm Glover, Susan Dodds, Andy Webb, Nick Blower (Junction), Sheri Gee, Harriet Brigdale, Nick Hodges.

 DSCN1368 copy

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