For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a tiny piece of work – postcard sized. I was kindly asked by artist David Sandum if I’d submit a piece of work into his Twitter Art Exhibition, raising funds for charity through art sales.

Each artist is asked to work to postcard size, doing work on any theme. I chose to do a small oil painting based on a London rainy morning – from photos I took on London Bridge during a very wet commute.

I primed the postcard first, to make it suitable for oil paint, then tried to keep the marks fresh, but with a feeling of rain and retaining a sense of movement – which is hard when your style is basically about static marks of paint. It was hard to paint, to get the movement especially, but mostly painting something so small and yet trying to keep it expressive.

Hopefully the painting will be successful in the exhibition – all sales going to Home-Start, in Moss, Norway (where David is based). Home-Start is a non-profit organisation helping families in need. I’m pleased I was able to contribute.

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