I love painting portraits, love making that connection with someone on canvas. I want to get a good likeness but second only to that, I want to keep the painting lively and the brush-marks fresh & interesting.

I began concentrating on portraiture at the life class I attended for over a decade. The long and repeated poses gave me a great opportunity to study the face, working in lively and colourful brush marks to gain an accurate likeness. Moving on from there, I then undertook a few personal pieces – I painted my then baby, my husband and child, a friend, a self portrait etc. As a result of these self-lead projects, I began to be commissioned for private portraits. I’ve submitted pieces into national art festivals, charity art auctions and donated commissions to good charitable causes.

I am currently accepting a limited number of new commissions. If you would like to talk about a possible commission, do drop me a line at mail@sherigee.com. Let’s work together to make something stunning! Please also see my Commissions page for more details.