Rain paintings

I’m really excited to share these commuter rain paintings with you! Over the course of the last year, I’ve been using my experience as a commuter from Sussex to London in my paintings. I work three days in London and devote the rest of my time to my artwork and my family. My chief joy has always been to paint people, which until now had been in terms of life drawing or portraiture, but with this series I’ve been experimenting more with scenes, with fleeting moments. It’s not so much about capturing a likeness but capturing an atmosphere, a moment, in my paintings.

How the paintings came about

The first painting was made for the Twitter Art Exhibit in 2015 in Norway, in which artists were invited to submit postcard-sized pieces in any medium for a charity auction. The subject matter I chose was a new departure for me, basing my first painting on a few shots I took waiting for a bus on London Bridge, but it turned out to be a subject matter that I quickly realised I enjoyed. I love the freedom it gives me, in the sweep of the brush, trying to capture movement or reflection in the wet pavements. Since that first painting, I have created many more – one of the latest has been submitted to this year’s Twitter Art Exhibit, in New York.

All of the paintings are in oil on primed artist quality postcard, inspired by reference images that I’ve taken on my iPhone, whilst walking or commuting on the bus. Taking them on public transport has been great for keeping my phone dry and, due to the terrible traffic, I’ve caught some great pictures at intersections, people crossing roads, etc, that I might otherwise not have snapped.

As I look for more reference images, I’m drawn to the bright and colourful, looking for colours to offset the grey hues of the tarmac and pavement.

I hope you enjoy the work. Many are for sale, so do get in touch if you’re interested in one of them, or view them in my Artfinder shop, and keep an eye on the page as I add more.